Aloha Everyone!

My first post……

Hello everyone, or should I say aloha!

Welcome to Along With Aloha! I’m glad you’ve stumbled across this site. I’m Angie and I’ve always wanted, or should I say *needed* a place for my thoughts to live on all things fashion, beauty, and college!

My affinity with Hawaii started from a young age and I’ve always enjoyed being there and experiencing Island Life, thus the nickname of “Aloha” was born. Over the years, Aloha became my “thing” and now I’ve learned to love the nickname.

I’ve always had an eye for on the more preppy brands while scouring the racks for the best prices! I love getting dressed every day– it makes me feel my best. One of my favorite quotes is, “Look good, feel good.” I think putting your best foot forward every day makes your day start off the right way and gives you confidence to make positive decisions for yourself.

Over the years I’ve accumulated quite the collection of makeup, which I definitely put to good use every day. Like I said, look good, feel good! Discovering new makeup products while incorporating my daily favorites is something I look forward to doing!

I spend my time as a full time college student studying business at a small university. I’m incredibly passionate about my education and I love to learn! School is a huge part of my life and learning has been something that has always fascinated me.
I’m incredibly excited to write, learn, and grow while my time on this blog! Stick with me for ramblings on my daily life, and thanks for reading!


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