A Day in My Life: College Style

As a college student, I’m constantly pressured to be the best version of myself I can be in all of my extracurricular activities including school, sports, clubs, and work.

In order to accomplish this, I’m constantly doing a balancing act in order to ensure that everything I need to do gets done. Today I’m going to talk about my daily schedule and how I manage to balance everything!

My Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays are incredibly similar along with my Tuesday/ Thursday schedule. My day typically starts at 5am when I get up for crew practice. My roommate and I sleepily crawl out of bed, shut our alarms, and wordlessly shuffle to the bathroom. We walk to the gym during the Winter season or we walk out to the line of cars waiting to bring us to the pond! We practice five/ six days a week until 7am, and then I get back, take a quick shower and head off to my 8am Biology course. Right after Biology my Mass Communications class is at 9am. From here I have a short break until 11am when I have a liberal arts elective with a specialization in Religion and Global Politics. At 12 I typically grab lunch, take a quick nap and then head to the library around 3pm. From there I study or do homework for a few hours, grab dinner with my girls around 5:30pm. On Wednesday’s I have my Biology lab from 5:30pm-7:20pm with my awesome professor! At 8:30 I head to my on campus job for three hours. I usually head right to bed after this!

On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s my schedule is a bit different. I head to crew at 5:30am and then practice until 7am. After showering, I head straight to bed to sleep until 8:30am, which gives me a solid nap, even before my day has started! When I wake up, I head to a quick breakfast and head straight to my Writing class. After my Writing Class, I typically can be found in the library doing homework and studying. I’ve been trying to avoid going back to my room so I don’t nap! After going to the library I’ll grab lunch and wait until my 3:30pm class, Macroeconomics. The hour and a half goes by so fast in this class! At 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursday’s I have lift in free weight gym for an hour with my crew team! After this I grab a quick dinner, shower, and head to my on campus job (again)!

My days seem long, but they typically fly by. I’m usually always studying for my classes, reading my course material, or attending events on campus! I’m so fortunate to go to a school where they are constantly putting on events to keep the students occupied and learning. I’m also ever-present at my school’s D1 Varsity athletic games! I love attending the games of my favorite sports like volleyball, and basketball, and hopefully baseball in the spring! I love being involved and its great to be at a school with such like-minded people who share the same aspirations!



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