How I Stay Organized -College Edition

Right now I’m a freshmen at a small business school! I absolutely love being busy but sometimes life hits me hard, and I mean hard. Some days I feel like I have no free time and I’m so overwhelmed. What makes me feel better is being organized! I have a few different organizational tips that I use to make my days much more productive.

First, I have access to the Google products that I use extensively. My Google Calendar is my lifesaver and I’m not exaggerating. It’s color-coded and gives me alerts ten minutes I’m supposed to be somewhere. Almost all of the organizations that I belong to utilize this calendar, so my schedule is always consolidated in one place. In the beginning of the year I figured out how to link my Google calendar to my phone so this is incredibly helpful when I’m not at my laptop.

I’m also a list writer. I absolutely love making lists when I start feeling stressed. When I start to feel stressed physically writing everything I have to do out on a piece of paper and crossing each thing out after I accomplish the task feels incredibly great. I utilized this when preparing for my trip to Spring Break trip to Florida.

I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way, but if there’s too much clutter in my room my brain starts to feel like it’s on overload and I can’t think or function. To combat this, I usually *attempt* to clean my room. For me, Friday afternoons after class are the perfect time for me to recharge my batteries, clean my room, and reset my room for the week. For my roommate and I, this means putting away any unworn clothes, throwing away the trash and recycling, and clearing my desk of any excess papers. IMG_1991

That’s it! Those are my main three organizational tasks that I feel have helped me be more productive during the week. I’m constantly on the hunt to make my life more stress-free so if you have any tips, please leave a comment below!


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