What I’m Loving- 4/11

I’ve been incredibly busy lately doing work for my classes, reading blogs, and enjoying the great weather we’ve been having outside of Providence! I thought I’d compile a list of a few things I’ve been loving lately.

  1. Reading this blog called, The EveryGirl. Can I just say wow! I’m completely in love with the type of content on this blog and the high level of writing that this blog possesses. I read this blog for about four hours straight one day, I’m not kidding. As a female pursuing a business degree in a corporate culture dominated by males, I take the advice on here to heart and really draw inspiration from the stories of their featured women.
  2.  Lucy, from a Daily Dose of Prep, posted a blog post yesterday about her journey to switching her college major (which I linked.) I thought it was incredibly heartfelt, and even though this was an incredibly tough decision, I wish her great success! I so look forward to reading her posts everyday and highly recommend her blog for incredibly classy looks and heartfelt writing!
  3. My Mass Communications professor had us watch this documentary, and I can say I was incredibly entertained and learned so many things in which I had not realized about the generation we live in. This documentary rightly named, “Generation Like” opened my eyes about the world we live in. I would like to go into marketing analytics and this documentary really opened my eyes to the culture that we participate in. I highly suggest everyone watches this!
  4. This song, Craving You, by Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris. I heard this song about a week and a half ago on the Academy of Country Music Awards and immediately became obsessed! I’m a huge country music fan, and these two can do no wrong in my eyes. Maren Morris has made herself known these last few months in the country music industry.
  5. After cleaning out my closet last week, I realized I was going to need more shorts for this upcoming summer! Who doesn’t love the classic Nike style? I decided to take the plunge and order a pair off of Dick’s Sporting Goods. They were on sale, and super cute! They came really quickly and I’m loving how comfortable they are!


That’s it! Four things I’m loving this week! Everyone, enjoy the weather and have a great week!

Any thoughts? Leave them below!



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