A Business Affair

Going to a business school, I’m constantly having to come up with new formal outfits to wear to class, on interviews, and to different formal events that the university sponsors. I used to stay in my comfort zone and wear black pants, a white button down, and a black blazer. Now I’ve been expanding a lot more out of my comfort zone and trying to mix in new things that I’m buying with the current staples in my dorm room.

I recently picked up these two pieces from J.Crew factory on sale, and they made the cutest business formal outfit! I wore this on an interview and I loved the way it looked together! I paired this new top and skirt with my old black flats and black Banana Republic blazer.


My favorite flats are ones that never go out of style and have a small bow. They match everything in my closet! These aren’t my exact shoes, but if I were to repurchase a pair, I’d definitely go for something like these!

And for my favorite blazer, I definitely suggest something by Banana Republic! I’m on the smaller size for clothing, only being 5’3″ and I find their clothing fits so well!

I like to invest in classic pieces such as basic blazers and shoes and get more trendy with my bottoms and tops. You can mix and match with so many different pairings to make different outfits! Hopefully you can draw some inspiration from this outfit when planning your next business formal outfit!


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