My Path In College … A Journey to Finding Something I Love

To me, school has always been required and necessary. From the time we are born we are constantly faced with opportunities to learn and grow, which isn’t a bad thing. Growing up I’ve always loved to read, and never really looked at learning as something that was chore-like.

This passion continued throughout elementary school and right into middle school. In high school, I still liked going to class, but I was enjoying the classes I could pick and thus was more interested in them. Don’t get me wrong, I still tried in my other classes, but learning physics my senior year? No way was I more interested in that than I was in my marketing class. I absolutely loved learning about subjects such as economic development, marketing, accounting, government and politics. Suddenly college came around and I still had a different type of freedom of picking classes. I had to take required courses, but had more freedom in choosing times, professors, and some subjects I was interested in. This is when things started changing for me.

My first semester of college was this fall, and I was thrust into the world of challenging classes and trying to figure it all out. I took classes like economics, which I discovered was challenging, a reading course which I loved, a math class (which I came to realize was not my strong suit), and my final course, a general foundation of business class. Since sophomore year of high school, I always knew I wanted to pursue a business degree, preferably in marketing, but I was open to other options as well. I knew this class was going to challenge me when my teacher told us on the first day of class we were going to be creating a 60+ page document, a full business plan. Marketing, accounting, operations, sales, and management were all to be included. I was overwhelmed, but incredibly intrigued. It would be the first time I could explore what I wanted to do, marketing and I was so incredibly excited.

We were tasked with creating a company, literally any company, either service or manufacturing and create a business model. We were required to talk to industry professionals, get real manufacturing quotes, find prices for marketing tactics, and much, much more. Thankfully, I was stuck with five other like-minded, driven business students who wanted also had huge aspirations for the project. We drove each other crazy, motivating each other to do more, to do better research, talk to more people in the industry, but some how we balanced each other out.

I was tasked as the director of marketing, and I really pushed the marketing strategies I was interested in, such as social media marketing, and branded content. I had an absolute blast talking to Frannie, Zach, (better known on Instagram as zachryan_, Aubrey, and Meg. They gave me industry information on blogging and sponsored content, which I did not know much about before! I was so interested and inspired after hearing from them! I realized I wanted to start documenting my life, and using some of the practices in which I had been researching, so I started this blog !I turned in my business plan, and then quickly my first semester was over!

When second semester rolled around, I enrolled in my mass communication course! This may have been one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in choosing classes. I love this course, and am genuinely interested in the topics we discuss during class. My teacher is an industry professional and we have incredibly real conversations during class which prompts me to do even more research outside of class. We’ve been watching documentaries on huge media corporations and I’ve been gaining information on marketing and PR companies. I’ve been completely fascinated with information that I’ve learned.

When I recently declared my second major in Applied Analytics, I was unsure of what my future could hold. The program was not one of the more sought after ones at this university, but I decided it could help me in my future endeavors. After attending a presentation by a speaker in the fashion business industry combined with more research I was doing on my own, I realized I wanted to go into digital marketing, and that’s where the industry is heading at a rapid rate. It’s already starting, and by the time I get out of college, there will be thousands of jobs on the market, that were created by companies out of necessary. I finally found something that I was passionate about and could see myself going into after I graduate in almost three years!

As this semester is almost coming to a close, I’ve taken more time to reflect on my path to get here, and I’m so excited for the opportunities that I have in store for myself. I feel that I’m on the right track for success, and I hope I continue to feel this way! Sorry for the extra long post, I just felt compelled to write my thoughts out. Hopefully this gives you a little inspiration on your college journey!


2 thoughts on “My Path In College … A Journey to Finding Something I Love”

  1. I’ve always viewed school in the same way you do; I’m glad I found another person who truly relishes the learning process! How wonderful that you found a field you are extremely passionate about! Your post has really inspired me to focus more on my career path.

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day


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