Spring & Summer Music ’17- A Country Edition

I’m an avid music listener. I’m not sure there’s a time when I’m not blasting music in my room or walking to class with headphones. I absolutely love listening to my favorite artists and I’m always on the hunt for some new artists. Today, I’ll be sharing my top songs for spring/ summer ‘17, a country edition.

Even though I don’t live in the south, there’s just something about country music that connects with me. Although some people just like listening to country music in the summer, I love it all year round! There’s been a lot of new music released just in time for better weather! Here’s my top tracks:

  1. City Girl: Ryan Hurd

Ryan Hurd is a new name for me in the world of music, but I’ve come to absolutely love his voice. The stories within his songs are absolutely amazing and his voice is one I would listen to for hours. This song does not disappoint!

  1.  Craving You: Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris

This combination of country artists has to be one of my absolute favorites. I love Thomas Rhett’s album, Anthem, and was so happy to see that he put out this song with Maren Morris just in time for summer! Maren Morris is another country artists that was unknown to me until recently and now I’ve been jamming to her new album.

  1.   Yours If You Want It: Rascal Flatts

I’m pretty sure we can’t discuss country music if we don’t discuss at least one Rascal Flatts song. This song is an absolute jam, and I find myself singing it all the time. It’s been my goal since freshman year of high school to go see them at a summer concert, but every time they tour I never can go! A girl can dream, right? Maybe this summer it will happen!

  1.   Yours (Wedding Edition): Russell Dickerson

I’m not sure when I first heard this song, but I know the first time I did I was hooked. The message is absolutely beautiful, and makes me so thankful for my relationship. Also, the music video for this song is gorgeous. A slower song, but still such a great one.

  1.   Flatliner (ft Dierks Bentley): Cole Swindell & Dierks Bentley

I’m ending this playlist with a straight jam for the summer. I’m not sure you could put two male vocalists together in a better pairing. These two feed off of each other and you can hear it in the song. Their banter is so fun and lively! I’ve been loving listening to this. After seeing them perform this at the ACM’s I can honestly say I need to see this performed live!


(One of my favorite pictures from a summer country concert last year!)

That’s it for my top country music songs. Any suggestions? I would love to take a listen to them! Comment below!


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