A Busy Few Weeks..

I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately. There really is no explanation other than I’ve been extremely busy with school. As I finish this school year out, I’m hoping to post much more frequently. I figured I would dedicate this post to discussing what is currently happening in my life and what my future holds!

I walked onto the Women’s Rowing Team at school this fall and had a really awesome experience in the fall and spring racing. This spring there were less opportunities to race based on the numbers from my team, but last Saturday I had the chance to race at the New England Regatta Championship! It rained and the conditions were less than subpar, but my family came and watched! Here’s a picture of me in the boat! I was sitting in “two seat,” which is two from the back of the boat.


Right now I’m finishing up my finals. I have my Mass Communication final tomorrow, and then I’m heading to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where my rowing team is competing in Dad Vails, which is the largest collegiate regatta in North America. I’m extremely excited to see how my team does, go Bryant! I definitely want to recap my time in Philly! After this I will be taking my Biology final on Monday, the 15th.

Instead of moving back home for the summer and working, I’ve had the opportunity to stay on campus and work in the Office of Special Events and Conferences. I’m incredibly excited to start the next chapter of my summer working at school! I’ll be living in a University Townhouse with two other girls, which is also exciting.  After working in that office for a few weeks, I will be switching over to working as an Orientation Leader for the Class of 2021. This is something I’m looking forward to doing! We’ve had meetings every three weeks on Sundays, and the team is 16 individuals who I love. I’m definitely looking forward to working with this group of people. The students and staff are both awesome! This summer should fly by, but I’m looking forward to being productive with my time and trying to keep up with blogging!



3 thoughts on “A Busy Few Weeks..”

  1. So glad you found me because I was able to read your blog! I love all your posts and look forward to reading more, that’s so cool that you joined the rowing team, I had the opportunity my freshman year and wish I did!


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