Freshmen Year Review

Readers! It’s May… almost June. How did this happen? Where did the time go! It feels like I was moving into my dorm yesterday, but in reality the year is over. I just would like to take a few minutes to give a recap of my first year at Bryant.

I moved into my freshmen dorm, which was a one of three buildings housing communal living for first year students. I went random on my housing assignment and ended up with the best roommate! Although we didn’t have a ton of things in common, we just kind of clicked. It was like two old friends meeting up after a long time, even though we had just texted over the summer. We hung out a ton in the lobby, meeting new people and making friends, which I loved. My roommate joined our club women’s rowing team, which then I ended up tagging along on! (I’m going to do a full post about soon!)

I had gotten a job over the summer working as a student blogger for my university, and then also working in Intramurals, about 10 hours a week, which I also came to love. My coworkers are some of the best people and make me laugh until I cry almost every shift. I continued working both of these jobs throughout the whole semester which provided me with income (which I really appreciated) and something to give my day structure. Between work and my classes, I was living a pretty hectic life.

Classes in high school are nothing like college. Just wanted to put that out there. In high school, my classes had 25 kids max, and my university caps their classes at 35, so there was not a huge difference in this. With this said, in high school I could get pretty good grades without trying. In college, grades matter and classes are much harder. I found myself working harder than I’ve probably ever worked to get my math grade up, and I ended up dropping my history class. I ended first semester with four class and a so-so GPA. I definitely was not satisfied with this, and this semester I stuck with five classes, which I loved, and studied a lot! I made sure I was studying smarter, not harder, and I hope it pays off!

College isn’t all about the books and working though. This year I had a ton of fun participating in different events on campus and off of campus. Bryant is located right near Providence, so we had the opportunity to attend WaterFire, see one of my favorite rap artists Mike Stud, bond with an amazing group of teammates, attend the Head of the Charles regatta, go out to an 18+ club in Providence, see Luke Bryan in concert, go to Florida on my school’s rowing trip, attend a free Celtics game, going to Pennsylvania twice on overnight trips for rowing and so much more! My semester was filled with traveling and new experiences with friends.

Another thing, making friends in high school? Easy! Making friends in college? A bit more tricky. I want to talk about this more in a different post, but making friends is all part of the college experience, and trust me, you will find your people eventually!



College will be one of the best times of your life, trust me! Leaving home, having new experiences, getting to do things on your term are all huge benefits. Although I had an interesting first year, I would not have changed one thing! College definitely changes you, and hopefully for the better. See you in the next post! 




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