What I’ve Been Up To 6/10-6/17

Donut Pillow!

Good morning readers! This week was definitely one for the books. I’ve been having a great time with my fellow Orientation Leaders leading orientation for the new, First Year Students. It’s everything I could have expected and more. It’s motivating, and exciting, but it’s also incredibly draining. We’ll get more into that later. But here is what my week had looked like!


On Sunday, I had a free day and had the opportunity to venture down to Providence and head to PV Donuts. If you haven’t heard of the donut shop before please be sure to check it out when you’re in Rhode Island. If you get there too late there won’t be any donuts left for you! I ended up getting the Peanut Butter and Chocolate donut which I ate in about 2 seconds!

Donut Pillow!

The shop was a bit smaller than I imagined, but it was donut themed which was perfect (of course). PV Donuts is really close to Brown University and its infamous Thayer Street, which I had never seen, so we drove through the area for a bit and spent our day hanging out in downtown Providence.


On Monday and Tuesday, it was the first Orientation. In the morning we performed our song and dance, I had small group time for parents, and sat in on presentations. The afternoon and night was filled with questions from parents, more presentations, and performing skits for students. I was drained by Monday at dinner time, but tried to rest during dinner so my energy would last until late night on Monday. Second day of Orientation was Tuesday, and let me tell you, I was tired. But nevertheless Orientation fledged on with full force. There were meetings to sit in on, people to meet, and questions to be answered. Tuesday afternoon we wrapped up the first Orientation!

The Orientation process is one that I never thought I would love as much as I do. Answering questions, acknowledging students and parents fears, and helping them to overcome their shyness really puts a great feeling within me. On Wednesday, I had an “off” day so no Orientation on this day. We got to hang out and I played Spikeball for the first time!

When Thursday rolled around, we were all refreshed and recharged for the second Orientation! Orientation then took place on Thursday and Friday, where the same events took place as Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday was Friday, and I drove home to spend the weekend with my family! Monday and Thursday brings two more orientations, and I’m excited to see how things change for the parents and students who will be coming to spend their days with us.

Starting Monday, my week is going to look extremely similar to the one I just shared. Two Orientations down and one to go. I’m excited to keep doing this kind of work! Here’s to more posts to come…..



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