What I’m Loving -6/30

Hey everyone,

It’s been a few hectic weeks around here (I’m sure you can relate) but I can’t wait to head up to Cape Cod on Monday for the Fourth of July! I’ve never been and a three day getaway is exactly what I need. If you have any recommendations leave them down below!


Here’s what I’ve been loving this week.

  1. I started listening to a new postcast, called Modern Love by a recommendation from Caroline of Citrus + Style. Her post suggested the podcast, and I found one episode I’m o b s e s s e d with. It’s titled, “To Fall in Love, Do This | Modern Love 30.” It’s sweet, it’s funny, and it makes you think about how you can meet/ have met your future/ current love. There’s a big emphasis on questions to ask on falling in love, which you can learn more about when you listen to the podcast! I want to use a few of these soon! Strangely enough, I’ve been loving listening to this podcast while I’m at the gym. My music lately has not been giving me enough motivation, and the podcast tricks my brain into thinking I’m doing something else.


  1. I’ve been totally loving the Stairmaster. I know this one is a little unconventional, but I really have been enjoying getting my sweat on, by running stairs. I love the intensity and I know I sweat a lot more on the Stairmaster than I do by biking (doing stairs is a close second to running.) I did it three times in the last three days, so it will definitely be on my radar for the summer and as I continue to prepare for rowing in the fall.


  1. The song: Sunday Morning by Parmalee. I don’t really know why, but this song has my heart. I heard it on Spotify one day, and my oh my, I find myself humming it in the car, singing it on the way to work, and just wanting to listen to it all the time. Seriously, go check it out! I swear you’ll fall in love with it, just as much as I have.


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