The Untold Stories of Living in a Townhouse

As I’ve talked about before, this summer I stayed on my University’s campus to work! This may have been one of the best decisions for my future that I’ve made.

One of the benefits from the job was getting to live in a cute little Townhouse! The house had four bedrooms, a full kitchen, a full laundry unit, two bathrooms, and a living area. Making the transition from communal living was super fun, but I’m here to tell you the things no one tells you about living with other people in a townhouse.

  1. You need to buy staples for your kitchen and bathroom. I’m not sure why, but when I moved into my townhouse I forgot a few things I had the luxury of not worrying about during my freshman year like buying soap, getting toilet paper, needing a bath mat, and buying kitchen supplies. I forgot I needed a can opener until I wanted to make soup! Think of all the things that you have at your house, and try to remember some of the basic things that you would need to buy before you move in.
  2. Go with the flow! Yes, living in the townhouse this summer has been challenging, but so many great memories happened. I’m not much of a go with the flow girl, but I learned this summer to just have fun and say “yes” when your housemates tell you we’re having a Shark Week-themed party on a Monday night. That was last week, and honestly I had a lot of fun bonding with the other students living on campus for the summer.
  3. Sometimes friends don’t make the best roommates/ housemates! This is a tip, I wish more friends of mine had considered before rooming/ living with friends from home or someone they met on Facebook. If you go into a housing situation thinking that the people you’ve picked are going to be great friends AND have similar living styles, it’s probably not going to happen. If you go random on your housing survey then you know that the people you’ll be living with are compatible with your living style and you may find common ground with the opportunity for friendship. I’ve seen so many friendships ruined because the people didn’t factor in their living situations were not similar. Do yourself a favor and find people you are compatible with before choosing to live with them.

My tiny townhouse! Look how cute it is!


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