48 Hours in Boston

Oh Boston. Once again I ended up in my favorite city for 48 hours and very loose plans with my family! Every year we make a trek to find good shops, food, and company, and this year did not disappoint!

Where To Stay:

Marriott Vacation Club Pulse at Custom House, Boston

We stay here every single year and I have never been disappointed. It is one block away from Quincy Market and right near the Aquarium. The views from the rooms are amazing and you can go up to the 26th floor to the Observation Deck (which of course I did multiple times! How could I not!)

Where To Eat:

Yankee Lobster

If you like fresh seafood, this one is for you! My mom said it was the best she’s ever had and my sisters Lobster Mac and Cheese looked AMAZING. This is off the beaten path a bit, so put on your walking shoes, but New Englanders will do anything for seafood, right?

Mike’s Pastry

Cannoli central. If you’re anything like me, I have a sweet tooth. I love chocolate, so my cannoli of choice is always the Chocolate Mousse. My parent’s picked up some really good Italian cookies here to bring home as well.

What To Do:

Downtown Crossing

Being from New England, I’ve visited Boston many, many, times but I have never gone here. It feels like you’ve been transported into a new world, with no cars, cobblestone streets, and lots of shops. I visited Primark, and let me tell you, every major city needs one. This place was like Forever 21 on steroids! I felt that they had a lot more that suited my style than Forever 21 usually does. The prices were very reasonable, and I ended up with two really cute things (but I totally could have gotten more!)

Newbury Street

Have you figured out I like to shop? All jokes aside, if you don’t visit Newbury Street when visiting Boston, I’d be a little bit disappointed. From Nordstrom Rack to Longchamp, there’s something here for everyone. I picked up two pairs of Nike Shorts on sale from Nordstrom Rack, which I’m really excited to rock once I get back to working out all the time!

Plus this street is packed with cafes and little eateries! I had a really awesome strawberry-pineapple smoothie from one!

Boston is always one of my favorite places to adventure out and explore in! To me the city is so walkable, so safe, and there’s always something to see. Keep a look out for more fashion related posts next week! Until next time Boston…


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