A New Journey

anewjourney.pngAs this year almost starts, I’m going to be taking on a new responsibility. On Wednesday,

I will begin my training as a Resident Assistant! I’m incredibly excited to start this journey but I’m also worried about balancing all my responsibilities. There’s a lot going on with my extracurriculars: rowing, work, and now this! I’m hoping to increase my involvements by one more (fingers crossed this happens) and go abroad for two weeks in January, which I am still waiting to hear back about. I’m starting my major and my minor this semester, which I’m actually so ready for. I get to take classes that matter to me, like marketing, communication, and analytics. Taking the general business classes was great to get an overview of what I would be taking in the future, and now that time has come. I’m so excited to start on this new chapter in my life and cannot wait to see what the future holds. Expect lots of new posts, stories, and more consistency this new school year.aloha


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