Resident Assistant Recap

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, then you know that I’ve mentioned living on campus this summer. What you probably have seen

is me speaking very highly of working on campus, but not specifically living on campus. This was a great experience but in reality I missed my friends, I missed my family, and I missed living in a way I wanted to. I felt like I sacrificed a lot all summer, so when Resident Assistant (RA) training came along, I was ecstatic. I was finally moving into my room, and could spend two weeks with amazing people who care about my community, have high moral values, and are just generally good people. The first night that the RAs in my building moved in, we all just talked and bonded and hung out in each others rooms, and I think that was my happiest day of the entire summer. I fell asleep with the biggest smile on my face that night.

When we started actual training, the high spirits just continued on. Training days were LONG, and lecture heavy. I really have no negative things to say about training, we had a great theme (movies!) and the professional staff gave us different opportunities to leave campus and attend a ropes course and go hang out in Newport for the day! We had an end of training banquet which was lovely, and I got to wear my Lilly dress! I’m including all these fun pictures so y’all can see what I was up to these past two weeks! Half way through training, my rowing team also moved on so we could start pre-season, which then I was getting up at 5am to row and finishing my days around 8pm with training!

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45 door decorations later, 10 days of training, 4 morning 5am rowing practices, 1 RA sweatshirt, and I’m finally a Resident Assistant! It really didn’t hit me that I would be a role model for 45 girls until freshmen move in! I realized while talking to parents and students about where they were from, answering any questions, and giving advice to parents, that they were going to be leaving by the end of the day and the seven RA’s who live in my hall, plus myself and the RD were going to be these students new role models.

I’ve met almost all of my direct residents and hope to meet all of them really soon! I’m wishing them a happy, healthy, and safe school year as classes swing into gear!

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Be on the lookout for many more Resident Assistant-inspired posts!


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