How To Still Look Festive After Christmas Is Over

Merry Christmas everyone! Although this post is going up the day after Christmas, I still believe that the holiday’s go into the New Year! This means there’s still family parties to go to and holiday events to attend! This dress I’m talking about on the blog today is still festive and looks super cute! I bought this dress from the new Target line, A New Day! This new Target line is much different from the traditional Target style I had in my head! I even scored this dress on sale, which made my day. I paired this dress with my Tory Burch flats which have the gold detailing. This is still such a fun festive outfit and I’ll probably wear this into the New Year.

A side note: The company I bought my monogram necklace from ended up going out of business, but this one has really great reviews and is not that expensive.

This outfit is perfect to still look festive and cute after Christmas! Leave a comment down below what you’ll be wearing this holiday season! 
Dress (similar) / Shoes (similar) / Monogram Necklace (similar)


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