A Year in Review…..2017 + a Huge Announcement!

I know this post is a few days late, but I really wanted to think about how my year went, what I’ve accomplished, and what my goals are for 2018. As I’m writing this I have a huge announcement on my mind, so stay tuned and check out the bottom of this post for details!

In January…… I recovered from getting mono at school (which was incredibly terrible) and then went back to school later on, which prompted 0 quality pictures from this month. 

In February…… I found out I was going to be an Orientation Leader and I had an amazing weekend away from campus getting to know the group! If I only knew what fun was going to hit me later on… 

In March…… I went on the Spring Break trip for rowing to Sarasota, Florida.  And boy, it was so cold. I had not packed one pair of pants, and that was a MISTAKE. The one day it was tolerable we took some cute pictures on the beach. 

In April…… My family came for family dinner to celebrate Easter in Smithfield, where I go to school! 

In May…… I had another regatta in Worcester and my family came! I believe that this race was the NERC- North Eastern Regional Championship races! I also went to Philly for Dad Vails for rowing, which is a really prestigious race! I didn’t race here, but I did cheer on my team!

In June…… Orientation Month! Two weeks of training and two weeks of Orientation. Most fun!

In July…… I visited Cape Cod for the first time with my boyfriend Connor! Cape Cod was incredible and I had a such a great time. When I got home I also started new job in the Office of Conferences and Special Events. 


In August…… I stayed in Boston for the night and had some incredible cannolis.  I also went to a sunflower maze with my friends and had my first session of Residential Life training. 

In September…… We had move in day for the freshmen, which meant a lot of talking to parents, and getting to know my residents (who are amazing!) Classes began a few days later and Connor and I went to my first Boston Red Sox game! 

In October…… I had a family wedding, had another regatta, and had a chance to hold a Super Bowl Championship ring. 

In November…… I attended my first Res Life conference at Providence College and learned so many different tips for helping my residents, which I’m hopefully implementing next semester.  I also wore  A LOT of business attire this month. 

In December… I went to my first Boston Bruins game and finished up my semester!

That’s my year in review! I hope you enjoyed or at least found this a little interesting. I love traveling and in 2016 I felt like I was always going somewhere or doing something. This trend is continuing because I’m leaving for Argentina and Chile tomorrow! I want to do a few posts on my trip either when I’m gone or when I get back, but I’m going with my college on a short two week trip focusing on business practices and culture!

I can’t wait for my trip, and I hope that you’ll follow my updates here and on my Instagram while I’m gone. Adios America!


2 thoughts on “A Year in Review…..2017 + a Huge Announcement!”

  1. I hope you have so much fun in Argentina and Chile, looking forward to reading your posts! Sounds like a once in a lifestyle opportunity. Hope 2018 is bright and full of travel.

    megan | MySprinkleofPrep.wordpress.com


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