End of the Year Party? Look No Further!


For my college girls out there, this is time where we have what seems like hundreds of events to go to and we struggle to choose what we want to wear to each of them, while each of our guy friends can wear the exact same thing, dress pants, a button-down shirt, and a new tie.

Honestly, trying to pick out outfits for each event typically consists of my girlfriends texting each other what are you wearing?!? And choruses of I don’t know!!! back. I’ve tried to simplify this process for you as I know we’re in a very busy season of tests, exams, group projects, and numerous banquets. Without further ado…



DSW #1 Lilly #2  Target #3

Clark’s Heels #1 Banana Republic #2 Banana Republic #3

Jack Roger Wedges #1 Macy’s Jumpsuit #2 Lilly Pulitzer Dress #3


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