What’s In My Internship Bag

*all views are my own and not of my employer*


Every girl knows, the key to having a productive day is having all of her essentials stored in her bag. Having all your necessities in your internship bag is no different than carrying a bag for school. You need to have everything in your bag to make sure that your day will be as productive as possible and for me, that’s quite a few things! I like to be extra prepared for my day!  


First things first, you need an awesome bag to carry all the essentials. I suggest going for one in a neutral color like black, tan, or navy blue. This way it can match with most of your outfits. I found mine at Kate Spade, and it was definitely on sale. If you visit their outlet or online, you can be sure to get this for less than half the price of the retail bag!


You’re going to get hungry at your internship, so definitely pack lots of snacks. I always like to bring an extra one, just in case I have to stay late or hit traffic on my commute home. My favorites are Chewy granola bars, fresh fruit, or some type of cracker. I use my super cute lunch tote to store my lunch and my snacks.


Next I carry two different wallets. My large wallet is from Kate Spade is super cute! This holds some of my cash and all of the cards which I have deemed “non-essential.” If I’m heading on a quick errand, I usually do not bring this, but sometimes I stop at the mall or somewhere after work and I store my gift cards in here. I use my lanyard + zip ID to store my essential items like my License, debit card, cash, and insurance cards. I also carry my work ID in the same area.


Next is where I really customized what I thought I would need for my internship. I always carry a bag that I’ve deemed to call the “Just in Case” bag. It contains feminine products, extra deodorant, and other items that I would not want to be caught in a pinch without.


I always bring gum (my favorite is Double Mint), and my refillable water bottle so I stay hydrated throughout the day. I’ve been battling drinking coffee versus water! It’s hard to want to drink water when I know that without coffee I’ll be a walking zombie.


I cannot live without bringing my phone charger or headphones. These items are essentials as my cubicle is extremely quiet and I like to have something in the background for music while I work. I love leaving with a fully charged phone, as I feel like I am ready to conquer whatever errands I have to run.


That’s it! That’s everything I bring in my bag to work. It may seem like a lot, but it really contains everything that I would consider necessary in one day. Let me know what you bring in your work bag!aloha


One thought on “What’s In My Internship Bag”

  1. I really loved this post and thanks so much for sharing, I start my new internship on Monday and after reading this I think I will be prepared for whatever the day hands me. I never really thought about bringing deodorant or headphones and that’s such a good idea.

    megan | MySprinkleofPrep.wordpress.com


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