Boston, I’ll Be Back


This summer has been one of the best summers yet, between getting an awesome internship and traveling, I feel like I’ve had the chance to do so many fun and exciting things in new places. I always love taking a chance to explore somewhere new, but there’s something so special about returning to my one of my favorite places. I recently read a post from Alyson Haley about her journey on self-discovery and her dreams, and it really hit home with me. You can read it here. It inspired me to write my own about the city I recently visited and absolutely love, Boston.


I have always had the best short trips with my family, friends, and boyfriend to the city and that’s why I truly love the city, it’s full of happy memories. Every time I go, I feel like I’ve never left and I never want to leave. It’s a tradition that we go every year as a family and we stay in the heart of the city. We walk to the North End, shop in Faneuil Hall, walk to lunch in the seaport district, and explore the little markets and businesses. Walking the streets and taking everything in, I always feel like I’m meant to be there.


I always played sports growing up, but I never really attended any professional events until college. I’ve had the chance to see the Boston Bruins and the Boston Celtics through my university and it was an incredibly fun way to spend time with my boyfriend as well. It was something different to do than the usual Saturday night hanging with my friends, in a city that I truly love. Going to my first Red Sox game was amazing, I would go nothing short of a magical experience. There’s something about the way the world works inside and around Fenway that’s almost indescribable. I would compare the feeling to Disney World, one I’ve only had a few times in my life. There’s magic when walking to your seats, there’s magic when honoring military veterans before the start of the game (okay, maybe a few tears too), there’s magic standing up and screaming for Sweet Caroline, and there’s certainly magic when participating in the eventual wave which you know is going to happen every game. I feel the magic and the belief of something great at Fenway Park, and for a girl who does not consider herself ‘sporty’ in any way, that’s a lot.


I’ve always thought how cool would it be to move and live in Boston. I had looked at colleges in Boston, but the thought of having to live in an apartment (thank you for not guaranteeing housing schools in Boston!) was kinda scary and ultimately I decided that I was not looking for an experience like that in college. I knew I wanted a real campus with a huge community feel, and living in Boston although great, would be a different type of experience. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Now, as I’m entering my Junior year of college, I’m starting to really think of the future, and I think that moving to Boston hopefully for an internship or a job once I graduate, really would be everything I hoped for. Boston, I may have left you for now, but I’ll be back, I promise.

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