Fun On Fridays: A Weekly Update #2


*all thoughts are my own and not of my employers*


Hello everyone,

This week started out SUPER slow, but ended up flying by (and included me forgetting to create this post!) Anyways, this week was the second to last week at my internship and I really reflected on my time there, what I’ve learned, and what I want my future to look like.


  1. Internship

Being a student, I have loved experiencing a more corporate environment. My internship has been super flexible and I’ve loved every second of being there. As I’ve finished two years of my college experience I am going to be searching for even more ways to gain even more professional experience.  


  1. College

There’s exactly one more month until I go back to school and I am so excited! There’s a ton to do and honestly not enough time until I move in, so I definitely need to get in gear and accomplish some of the tasks! I’m heading back into school early for Resident Assistant training! I can’t wait to see some of my best friends and to decorate my suite! Living with other people will be quite the change because this year I lived in an RA single on a First-Year all girls floor, so wait for room decor posts! There will definitely be a lot more college posts this year!


  1. Maintaining Connections

This summer it felt like my friends were all over the place! My home friends were working, taking short abroad trips, and my school friends were all over the country or abroad (you know who you are!) We stayed in contact whenever we could and even reintroduced using Houseparty which was a super fun way to communicate! I can’t wait to be back on campus and have sleepovers, brunches, and dinners with my best friends soon!


That’s it for now…



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