Fun on Fridays: Weekly Update #3

Another week down! Hi everyone, did anyone else’s week fly by? No? Just me?

Anyways, another installment of Fun on Fridays for you is on the blog, and this week was jam-packed let me tell you! Here’s my top three from this week!

  1. Internship Ended

I had the last day of my internship on Thursday! Wooohooo! What a summer that was! I had a fantastic time learning all about the IT industry and can see myself having a career in this field. We celebrate by going out to lunch with my boss and mentor which was super nice of them! I’m sad to see this chapter of my life close, but I’m so excited for the next semester at school!


  1. Babysitting Chessy aka Therapy Dog in Training

My family had the chance to babysit a therapy dog in training at my house on Thursday when I got home from my internship. I immediately fell in love and want a dog ASAP. For real though, when I graduate, get a place of my own, and when I can financially afford a puppy, it will be my first big girl purchase. I love dogs so much and have always wanted one, so in the next few years, hopefully, this will happen!


  1. Back to School

On Friday I headed back to school to give a few tours and interact with potential students for my university! I absolutely love giving tours, it reminds me of all the opportunities that exist while at college and specifically at my University. If you aren’t apart of your Student Ambassador program, I highly suggest getting involved. It’s a great way to meet some genuine people and give back to your community!


That’s all for now…. Look out for a post on my recent visit to New York coming soon!




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