Life Updates… Marketing Consulting and More

This young Gen Z is TIRED.

In college, it was like there was not enough time in the day to accomplish everything that needed to get done. Work, sleep, class, study, eat, exercise and so much more. I thought in post-grad life everything would be easier. I think I was HIGHLY mistaken. I think everything is increasingly complex. Even though my working hours are “9-5” days have some flexibility. Compared to undergrad there is an increased timeframe of getting everything done due to our sole focus on work. How can I help the business? What value am I bringing to the team? How can I communicate better? These are the questions I ask myself in reflection of my 9-5.

Once the 5 o’clock hour hits, my world tremendously shifts. I ask myself what my priorities will be for the next five hours and most days I’m left thinking dinner and a nap. I desperately want to change this. After work I want to slow down and give myself a break. My brain almost needs a break from the work and ideas that have been flowing for the past eight or more hours.  But, I am a marketer. I should have marketing ideas, and campaigns, and ways to change the world just stacked in my brain.

I’ve always wanted a passion project that is super successful, and I could say to myself, ah yes, this is what makes me feel fulfilled and happy. Passion projects take effort, time, and focus. I’ve thought about a few different ideas, but nothing truly sticks with me. I took up crochet over quarantine, have played the piano for about eight years, created digital illustrations, and have struggled with putting consistent content into the world for MANY years as a failed blogger. I’m still trying to find a place where I fit in and can find my own niche. Adulting is hard.

The one idea that has stuck with me: creating my own marketing consulting firm. This idea has always spoken to me as I’ve always seen a great benefit of being a small business owner. The flexibility, the financial freedom from the “corporate world” and the ability to help people launch their own dream has always interested me. I’m not sure I’m even qualified to be doing this, however, I can analyze any brand, provide insights and recommendations. I feel like I am a natural-born marketer with instinct abilities to analyze a brand and see what’s working and what’s not.

I’m not even sure what niche I could speak to. I’m interested in fitness and recreation, health, travel, cooking, animals, and beauty. This wide assortment of segments is not niche enough to have a specific type of client. The traditional business model says find your niche audience. Maybe that’s an outdated thought process? I could speak to what type of content I’m interested in. A mutual and organic interest will go much farther than any type of rules a business book says.

I’m hoping to explore this idea further as my inconsistent blog posts progress, this time hopefully in a good way, I think a creative outlet could be the spark to help me find my fire.

Love always,



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