A College Girl’s Guide to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


The Nordstrom Sale is here! Here are the things that I would suggest purchasing if you are in college or entering college this year! Happy shopping!


What’s In My Internship Bag

*all views are my own and not of my employer*


Every girl knows, the key to having a productive day is having all of her essentials stored in her bag. Having all your necessities in your internship bag is no different than carrying a bag for school. You need to have everything in your bag to make sure that your day will be as productive as possible and for me, that’s quite a few things! I like to be extra prepared for my day!   Continue reading “What’s In My Internship Bag”

First Day at Your Internship? What You Need To Know!

Hello there!

*All views are my own and not of my employer*

I have definitely talked about my internship struggles on the blog before. I applied to over 37 internships this summer and was feeling very lost heading back home from my University. Yes, I did say 37, until one finally worked out! I’m working for an amazing company three/ four days a week. 

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End of the Year Party? Look No Further!

For my college girls out there, this is time where we have what seems like hundreds of events to go to and we struggle to choose what we want to wear to each of them, while each of our guy friends can wear the exact same thing, dress pants, a button-down shirt, and a new tie.

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10 x 10 Challenge: What I Would Wear in a Spring Edition

What I would wear in a spring edition of a 10x 10 challenge.

10 items x 10 days. How hard could it be? When I read recently read the blog post by Logan over on her blog, The Peculiar Porter, I was intrigued. Logan made this challenge seem so easy and so fun, I thought why not give it a try! Continue reading “10 x 10 Challenge: What I Would Wear in a Spring Edition”