An Award Goes Out To…

Hi Friends! So I was recently scrolling through my WordPress Reader reading my friend Meg’s blog, My Sprinkle of Prep, which is linked here, and she talked about the Liebster Awards. I read through her Q & A, and noticed I was tagged to do it too! Her posts are awesome and I’m always looking for more college bloggers! Meg’s posts are so relate-able and you should head over to her blog if you want information on travel and college! Thank you for the nomination and I’m excited to answer some questions about myself for my followers and friends!

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What’s In My Bag: An Overnight Trip

I’m going on a quick weekend trip tomorrow to one of my favorite cities! I’ll talk about where I’ll be in a later post, but I wanted to share what I’m packing for my one night. I included my Vera Bradley picks for carrying my stuff, just for one night!


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My Recent Purchases.. Lilly Pulitzer, Nordstrom Sale, J. Crew, Gap, LOFT, and Aerie

I don’t know if it’s just me or you all have been buying, buying, buying lately! I have found so many cute pieces for my closet that have all been on sale! A girl couldn’t possibly pass on some new staples for my sophomore year of college. Even on a budget, everyone can find clothes they love! Continue reading “My Recent Purchases.. Lilly Pulitzer, Nordstrom Sale, J. Crew, Gap, LOFT, and Aerie”

Duck Donuts: An Experience You Need! (And Will Love)

I have a confession. It’s a food related one. I love D O N U T S. I’m talking a donut a day makes the doctor go away, craving. I always loved going to grab donuts on a Saturday morning for the whole family with my dad. Continue reading “Duck Donuts: An Experience You Need! (And Will Love)”