Resident Assistant Recap

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Six Things All College Girls Need For Their First Apartment

Happy (almost) fall! I love the start of the back to school season, and right now we’re just starting to get into the swing of things. Yes, some of the college kids from down south may have started to go back for recruitment, but up here in the Northeast, we have two weeks to go! With that being said, I wanted to share my six picks that all college girls should buy for their first apartment.

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An Award Goes Out To…

Hi Friends! So I was recently scrolling through my WordPress Reader reading my friend Meg’s blog, My Sprinkle of Prep, which is linked here, and she talked about the Liebster Awards. I read through her Q & A, and noticed I was tagged to do it too! Her posts are awesome and I’m always looking for more college bloggers! Meg’s posts are so relate-able and you should head over to her blog if you want information on travel and college! Thank you for the nomination and I’m excited to answer some questions about myself for my followers and friends!

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