How I Stay Organized -College Edition

Right now I’m a freshmen at a small business school! I absolutely love being busy but sometimes life hits me hard, and I mean hard. Some days I feel like I have no free time and I’m so overwhelmed. What makes me feel better is being organized! I have a few different organizational tips that I use to make my days much more productive.

First, I have access to the Google products that I use extensively. My Google Calendar is my lifesaver and I’m not exaggerating. It’s color-coded and gives me alerts ten minutes I’m supposed to be somewhere. Almost all of the organizations that I belong to utilize this calendar, so my schedule is always consolidated in one place. In the beginning of the year I figured out how to link my Google calendar to my phone so this is incredibly helpful when I’m not at my laptop.

I’m also a list writer. I absolutely love making lists when I start feeling stressed. When I start to feel stressed physically writing everything I have to do out on a piece of paper and crossing each thing out after I accomplish the task feels incredibly great. I utilized this when preparing for my trip to Spring Break trip to Florida.

I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way, but if there’s too much clutter in my room my brain starts to feel like it’s on overload and I can’t think or function. To combat this, I usually *attempt* to clean my room. For me, Friday afternoons after class are the perfect time for me to recharge my batteries, clean my room, and reset my room for the week. For my roommate and I, this means putting away any unworn clothes, throwing away the trash and recycling, and clearing my desk of any excess papers. IMG_1991

That’s it! Those are my main three organizational tasks that I feel have helped me be more productive during the week. I’m constantly on the hunt to make my life more stress-free so if you have any tips, please leave a comment below!


A Day in My Life: College Style

As a college student, I’m constantly pressured to be the best version of myself I can be in all of my extracurricular activities including school, sports, clubs, and work.

In order to accomplish this, I’m constantly doing a balancing act in order to ensure that everything I need to do gets done. Today I’m going to talk about my daily schedule and how I manage to balance everything!

My Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays are incredibly similar along with my Tuesday/ Thursday schedule. My day typically starts at 5am when I get up for crew practice. My roommate and I sleepily crawl out of bed, shut our alarms, and wordlessly shuffle to the bathroom. We walk to the gym during the Winter season or we walk out to the line of cars waiting to bring us to the pond! We practice five/ six days a week until 7am, and then I get back, take a quick shower and head off to my 8am Biology course. Right after Biology my Mass Communications class is at 9am. From here I have a short break until 11am when I have a liberal arts elective with a specialization in Religion and Global Politics. At 12 I typically grab lunch, take a quick nap and then head to the library around 3pm. From there I study or do homework for a few hours, grab dinner with my girls around 5:30pm. On Wednesday’s I have my Biology lab from 5:30pm-7:20pm with my awesome professor! At 8:30 I head to my on campus job for three hours. I usually head right to bed after this!

On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s my schedule is a bit different. I head to crew at 5:30am and then practice until 7am. After showering, I head straight to bed to sleep until 8:30am, which gives me a solid nap, even before my day has started! When I wake up, I head to a quick breakfast and head straight to my Writing class. After my Writing Class, I typically can be found in the library doing homework and studying. I’ve been trying to avoid going back to my room so I don’t nap! After going to the library I’ll grab lunch and wait until my 3:30pm class, Macroeconomics. The hour and a half goes by so fast in this class! At 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursday’s I have lift in free weight gym for an hour with my crew team! After this I grab a quick dinner, shower, and head to my on campus job (again)!

My days seem long, but they typically fly by. I’m usually always studying for my classes, reading my course material, or attending events on campus! I’m so fortunate to go to a school where they are constantly putting on events to keep the students occupied and learning. I’m also ever-present at my school’s D1 Varsity athletic games! I love attending the games of my favorite sports like volleyball, and basketball, and hopefully baseball in the spring! I love being involved and its great to be at a school with such like-minded people who share the same aspirations!


My Go-To Winter Outfit

Hello there! I hope you’re all enjoying your long weekend! I know I am, but college breaks will do that to you! Today I’m sharing my go-to winter outfit. If I wake up late for the day and I’m in a rush, I always choose a simple outfit that I know looks good, and I feel put together in. That way there’s no guess work in it, and I know everything fits right.

My recent go-to outfit includes a thick winter sweater (here’s a similar one), my absolute favorite black Gap jeans (I’m linking my new favorite pair here), black booties, this black velvet vest, my favorite “Aloha” Mantra Band, and a cute statement necklace. I received this Kate Spade bow purse for Christmas, and let me tell you I’ve been obsessed. It adds the perfect touch to any outfit, especially this one! This outfit looks so put together and appears like you spent much longer putting an outfit together than it really did. I wear something like this two or three days a week while I’m on my campus! It’s super comfortable but maintains the professional look while I’m on campus. Have a great extended break! 



My 2017 goals

Four Goals for a Successful 2017


I’d like to start my blog off by reflecting on 2016, with my new goals for 2017! 2016 was a fantastic year! I ended my high school career and graduated in June. I went on a week-long trip to Washington, D.C., and made some great friends and got to show off my business knowledge.

I also had the opportunity to travel on a week long cruise with my family and friends to the Eastern Caribbean, and most importantly I started college in 2016! Starting college in 2016 was probably my highlight. I’ve learned so much, made so many memories and had so many new experiences. Cheers to 2016!

Now here’s to 2017…

  1. Get more sleep

Now I know you’re probably saying, okay, this is on everyone’s list for the new year. But wait– this is actually important! Living a busy lifestyle in college is great, but doing so while not feeling well rested– that’s not so great. I’m going to push myself to get more than six hours of sleep every night, because this semester I definitely struggled with putting myself to sleep at a reasonable hour and I want to make a conscious effort to feel better next semester

  1.  Study for tests and quizzes earlier in the semester

Last semester I felt that I did a pretty good job of staying on top of my deadlines and making sure I had adequate time to study and review for my tests and quizzes. As they always say, there’s room for improvement. One of my goals for 2017 is to study earlier in the semester for tests and quizzes and utilize my professors office hours more if I’m not feeling confident in the material.

  1.  Keep my dorm clean

My room at school has its ups and downs. I live in a double, and my roommate does a great job of keeping her side of the room perfect. I admit, I struggle with this! My clothes and books make it on the floor on a daily basis, and this year I’m pledging to myself (and to my roommate) to keep it tidy and clean!

  1. Be a better friend

2016 was a weird year because it was the first time I was away from my friends for an extended period of time. I soon realized it was incredibly easy to get swept up in what happens with new friends on my new campus. I found myself feeling disconnected to my old friends and this semester I would love to do a better job staying in contact with my friends from back home.


Aloha Everyone!

My first post……

Hello everyone, or should I say aloha!

Welcome to Along With Aloha! I’m glad you’ve stumbled across this site. I’m Angie and I’ve always wanted, or should I say *needed* a place for my thoughts to live on all things fashion, beauty, and college!

My affinity with Hawaii started from a young age and I’ve always enjoyed being there and experiencing Island Life, thus the nickname of “Aloha” was born. Over the years, Aloha became my “thing” and now I’ve learned to love the nickname.

I’ve always had an eye for on the more preppy brands while scouring the racks for the best prices! I love getting dressed every day– it makes me feel my best. One of my favorite quotes is, “Look good, feel good.” I think putting your best foot forward every day makes your day start off the right way and gives you confidence to make positive decisions for yourself.

Over the years I’ve accumulated quite the collection of makeup, which I definitely put to good use every day. Like I said, look good, feel good! Discovering new makeup products while incorporating my daily favorites is something I look forward to doing!

I spend my time as a full time college student studying business at a small university. I’m incredibly passionate about my education and I love to learn! School is a huge part of my life and learning has been something that has always fascinated me.
I’m incredibly excited to write, learn, and grow while my time on this blog! Stick with me for ramblings on my daily life, and thanks for reading!