What I’ve Been Up To 6/10-6/17

Good morning readers! This week was definitely one for the books. I’ve been having a great time with my fellow Orientation Leaders leading orientation for the new, First Year Students. It’s everything I could have expected and more. It’s motivating, and exciting, but it’s also incredibly draining. We’ll get more into that later. But here is what my week had looked like! Continue reading “What I’ve Been Up To 6/10-6/17”


Lunch at the VP’s House

Sorry for the long wait! I’ve been having a crazy crazy week that I can’t wait to talk about! Currently I’m in training as an Orientation Leader for the Class of 2021. I’ve been incredibly blessed with this opportunity, and I sure am trying to make the most of it.

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My Path In College … A Journey to Finding Something I Love

To me, school has always been required and necessary. From the time we are born we are constantly faced with opportunities to learn and grow, which isn’t a bad thing. Growing up I’ve always loved to read, and never really looked at learning as something that was chore-like. Continue reading “My Path In College … A Journey to Finding Something I Love”

How to Meet People In College

College can be super exciting, but also super scary. There’s thousands of new people and when starting classes, you probably will not know many people. That fact alone can definitely push people out of their comfort zone and put people in the wrong mentality starting college. The best advice I can give anyone is to just talk to someone! Although this sounds scary, everyone is in the same boat. Sure, people may know a few kids from high school, but most people do not know a large group of people. Meeting new people may not come easy to everyone, but if definitely can make or break your college experience.

The first time you will probably interact with all or many of your classmates is orientation! At my university, we had the opportunity to choose between four different orientations, so I knew when I arrived at school I would be seeing a small portion of my classmates. At my orientation, initially I was miserable. My two-night experience began rocky. The first day I felt that I couldn’t connect with. As the hours ticked on into the night, I had a pit in my stomach. If this was how my first year was going to go, then it was not going to be great. My luck then started to change.

It started getting later and later in the night and I was heading back to my room when I noticed a group of people sitting out on the ground playing cards. I took a chance and headed over, just asking if I could play. I’m so thankful I reached out and sat down with them, because now the same group of kids are some of my best friends. If I hadn’t reached out at orientation, I probably would have never met them at school! Take a chance and reach out, because you may never know who will become your best friends.

Meet people in your classes! This is honestly such an overlooked tip. At my school, all Freshmen have to go through a gateway program of six classes that every freshman has to take at one point or another. Through talking to different people in my classes, I discovered a group of us had three or four classes together. Because I go to a business school, we heavily rely on group work in order to prepare ourselves for the real world. After realizing this, we devised a plan to work together for all the group projects that our common classes had. I was extremely lucky because my new friends were all dedicated and motivated to getting our work done and it helped with our group dynamic. The next semester we tried to make our schedules match as best we could which led to us taking a few classes together again. Talking to people in my classes definitely panned out for me, and hopefully it would for you to. 

The last place where I met a significant number of new people was at work. I work in Intramurals at my school and I score keep and keep statistics for the different games that students can play. It’s student run so our managers are upperclassmen, making the environment extremely relaxed. I definitely took advantage of this when being at work. I’ve met so many great people by stopping by and saying hi to my co-workers. We’ve all gotten used to working with each other and I consider them to be some of my great friends. The advice they’ve given me has been priceless from relationships to scheduling my classes, I know I can always count on them to give me advice.

Talking to people at school can literally make or break your college experience. If you don’t really connect to any of the people that you initially meet- don’t get discouraged. Just be friendly and keep trying. I promise, eventually you will meet a group of people you’ll call your best friends.

How I Stay Organized -College Edition

Right now I’m a freshmen at a small business school! I absolutely love being busy but sometimes life hits me hard, and I mean hard. Some days I feel like I have no free time and I’m so overwhelmed. What makes me feel better is being organized! I have a few different organizational tips that I use to make my days much more productive.

First, I have access to the Google products that I use extensively. My Google Calendar is my lifesaver and I’m not exaggerating. It’s color-coded and gives me alerts ten minutes I’m supposed to be somewhere. Almost all of the organizations that I belong to utilize this calendar, so my schedule is always consolidated in one place. In the beginning of the year I figured out how to link my Google calendar to my phone so this is incredibly helpful when I’m not at my laptop.

I’m also a list writer. I absolutely love making lists when I start feeling stressed. When I start to feel stressed physically writing everything I have to do out on a piece of paper and crossing each thing out after I accomplish the task feels incredibly great. I utilized this when preparing for my trip to Spring Break trip to Florida.

I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way, but if there’s too much clutter in my room my brain starts to feel like it’s on overload and I can’t think or function. To combat this, I usually *attempt* to clean my room. For me, Friday afternoons after class are the perfect time for me to recharge my batteries, clean my room, and reset my room for the week. For my roommate and I, this means putting away any unworn clothes, throwing away the trash and recycling, and clearing my desk of any excess papers. IMG_1991

That’s it! Those are my main three organizational tasks that I feel have helped me be more productive during the week. I’m constantly on the hunt to make my life more stress-free so if you have any tips, please leave a comment below!

A Day in My Life: College Style

As a college student, I’m constantly pressured to be the best version of myself I can be in all of my extracurricular activities including school, sports, clubs, and work.

In order to accomplish this, I’m constantly doing a balancing act in order to ensure that everything I need to do gets done. Today I’m going to talk about my daily schedule and how I manage to balance everything!

My Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays are incredibly similar along with my Tuesday/ Thursday schedule. My day typically starts at 5am when I get up for crew practice. My roommate and I sleepily crawl out of bed, shut our alarms, and wordlessly shuffle to the bathroom. We walk to the gym during the Winter season or we walk out to the line of cars waiting to bring us to the pond! We practice five/ six days a week until 7am, and then I get back, take a quick shower and head off to my 8am Biology course. Right after Biology my Mass Communications class is at 9am. From here I have a short break until 11am when I have a liberal arts elective with a specialization in Religion and Global Politics. At 12 I typically grab lunch, take a quick nap and then head to the library around 3pm. From there I study or do homework for a few hours, grab dinner with my girls around 5:30pm. On Wednesday’s I have my Biology lab from 5:30pm-7:20pm with my awesome professor! At 8:30 I head to my on campus job for three hours. I usually head right to bed after this!

On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s my schedule is a bit different. I head to crew at 5:30am and then practice until 7am. After showering, I head straight to bed to sleep until 8:30am, which gives me a solid nap, even before my day has started! When I wake up, I head to a quick breakfast and head straight to my Writing class. After my Writing Class, I typically can be found in the library doing homework and studying. I’ve been trying to avoid going back to my room so I don’t nap! After going to the library I’ll grab lunch and wait until my 3:30pm class, Macroeconomics. The hour and a half goes by so fast in this class! At 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursday’s I have lift in free weight gym for an hour with my crew team! After this I grab a quick dinner, shower, and head to my on campus job (again)!

My days seem long, but they typically fly by. I’m usually always studying for my classes, reading my course material, or attending events on campus! I’m so fortunate to go to a school where they are constantly putting on events to keep the students occupied and learning. I’m also ever-present at my school’s D1 Varsity athletic games! I love attending the games of my favorite sports like volleyball, and basketball, and hopefully baseball in the spring! I love being involved and its great to be at a school with such like-minded people who share the same aspirations!