5 Items You Should Bring Freshmen Year to College

It’s crazy how fast this summer went by but the good news is that most colleges went back to school already or are going back really soon! This post is here to help out any freshmen think of all the things that they need to bring to college! The top 5 items are things that I had forgotten, wished I had purchased before moving in, and or loved my first-year!

#1 Laundry bag/ basket

I purchased a laundry bag and a laundry pop-up container thinking I would use both, another rookie mistake. Learn from my errors and purchase one or the other. This is the one that I use and love.


#2 Vanity Mirror

I use this vanity mirror every single day to do my makeup and get ready. I definitely suggest using something similar instead of a handheld mirror! It saves so much time and effort!


#3 A Fan

College dorm rooms are hot, I promise you that. Where I go to school the First-Year halls are all air-conditioned, but the upperclassmen buildings are not. When you are moving in your belongings, I definitely recommend plugging in your fan right away. It’s a small room and it gets really hot really quick with so many bodies and people trying to move to a small place. I brought this small fan from Target, but you might want to bring a larger one, it’s totally your own preference! Also, a fan is the perfect way to drown out a noisy neighbor!


#4 A Lamp

Dorm lighting is not the best and my freshmen year room only had a light on one side. We never purchased a lamp and we just dealt with the shitty lighting the entire year, a rookie mistake! Sophomore year I purchased an incredibly cute pineapple lamp and it was one of the best purchases I made! Being able to lay in bed with my laptop with partial lighting is AMAZING! You definitely won’t regret this purchase.


#5 Stepstool

I’m pretty short so having a step-stool for my bed which was at the highest level was something I bought once I realized I would have to run and jump into bed. Bring this and save yourself the trouble of having to go out and purchase one!



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