Duck Donuts: An Experience You Need! (And Will Love)

I have a confession. It’s a food related one. I love D O N U T S. I’m talking a donut a day makes the doctor go away, craving. I always loved going to grab donuts on a Saturday morning for the whole family with my dad. Even better than Dunkin’ Donuts, I love gourmet donuts, I’m talking excessive, Insta-worthy toppings that would make any girl swoon. When I looked up donut places near Williamsburg, Virginia, close to our hotel, I was smitten. Duck Donuts was the first hit, and boy oh boy was I in for a treat. I mentioned to my mom we should get them for the last day on our trip down South, and we headed there the next morning!

(A quick sneak peak! Look how awesome they are!!!!)

The Duck Donuts location we were at was so cute, and there was hardly a line. The workers explained how to order, and my mom and I ordered six donuts for my family. We split a classic patriotic donut (cake donut, chocolate frosting, rainbow sprinkles,) and a customizable one (cake donut, chocolate drizzle, graham cracker topping) yum! We ordered a marshmallow topping one for my sister, a raspberry drizzle donut for my grandma, and two classic ones (like my mom and I had) for my dad and brother!



It was so fun to watch our donuts being handmade, toppings and all right in front of us! The best part about it, was the donuts were warm when we got back to our hotel. As soon as we got back I had to taste test the donuts my mom and I were splitting. The donuts were warm, crunchy on the outside, but soft on the inside. If you’re in the area, I highly suggest checking out Duck Donuts for breakfast or just a snack along the way! Check out the pictures below and tell me you wouldn’t love them just as much as I did!


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