My 2017 goals


Four Goals for a Successful 2017


I’d like to start my blog off by reflecting on 2016, with my new goals for 2017! 2016 was a fantastic year! I ended my high school career and graduated in June. I went on a week-long trip to Washington, D.C., and made some great friends and got to show off my business knowledge.

I also had the opportunity to travel on a week long cruise with my family and friends to the Eastern Caribbean, and most importantly I started college in 2016! Starting college in 2016 was probably my highlight. I’ve learned so much, made so many memories and had so many new experiences. Cheers to 2016!

Now here’s to 2017…

  1. Get more sleep

Now I know you’re probably saying, okay, this is on everyone’s list for the new year. But wait– this is actually important! Living a busy lifestyle in college is great, but doing so while not feeling well rested– that’s not so great. I’m going to push myself to get more than six hours of sleep every night, because this semester I definitely struggled with putting myself to sleep at a reasonable hour and I want to make a conscious effort to feel better next semester

  1.  Study for tests and quizzes earlier in the semester

Last semester I felt that I did a pretty good job of staying on top of my deadlines and making sure I had adequate time to study and review for my tests and quizzes. As they always say, there’s room for improvement. One of my goals for 2017 is to study earlier in the semester for tests and quizzes and utilize my professors office hours more if I’m not feeling confident in the material.

  1.  Keep my dorm clean

My room at school has its ups and downs. I live in a double, and my roommate does a great job of keeping her side of the room perfect. I admit, I struggle with this! My clothes and books make it on the floor on a daily basis, and this year I’m pledging to myself (and to my roommate) to keep it tidy and clean!

  1. Be a better friend

2016 was a weird year because it was the first time I was away from my friends for an extended period of time. I soon realized it was incredibly easy to get swept up in what happens with new friends on my new campus. I found myself feeling disconnected to my old friends and this semester I would love to do a better job staying in contact with my friends from back home.



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