My Go-To Winter Outfit


Hello there! I hope you’re all enjoying your long weekend! I know I am, but college breaks will do that to you! Today I’m sharing my go-to winter outfit. If I wake up late for the day and I’m in a rush, I always choose a simple outfit that I know looks good, and I feel put together in. That way there’s no guess work in it, and I know everything fits right.

My recent go-to outfit includes a thick winter sweater (here’s a similar one), my absolute favorite black Gap jeans (I’m linking my new favorite pair here), black booties, this black velvet vest, my favorite “Aloha” Mantra Band, and a cute statement necklace. I received this Kate Spade bow purse for Christmas, and let me tell you I’ve been obsessed. It adds the perfect touch to any outfit, especially this one! This outfit looks so put together and appears like you spent much longer putting an outfit together than it really did. I wear something like this two or three days a week while I’m on my campus! It’s super comfortable but maintains the professional look while I’m on campus. Have a great extended break! 




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